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What Is Mineral Spirits

Article provided by: Fine Paints of Europe

What Is Mineral Spirits

Have you asked, ” What is mineral spirits?” Most commonly, mineral spirits is used to clean paint brushes, especially paint brushes that are heavily coated with thick paints and oils. Mineral spirits is a must-have or any painting project, personal or professional. Additionally, having the right consistency is key for applying a good coat of paint. Depending on how thick or thin you want your paint coat to be, you can use mineral spirits to get perfect consistency every time! As we will see, mineral spirits is even better than paint thinner!

How to Use Mineral Spirits to Thin Thicker Paints and Oils

Mineral spirits can be used to thin heavier oil-based paints when pouring them into a spray gun so that they spray effortlessly and more evenly. It can also be added into your pan to thin out the paint for a more even coat that spreads easier. Like paint thinner, mineral spirits is clear and petroleum-derived. Any painter should have mineral spirits on hand to help with the painting and cleanup processes.

It is important to note that while paint thinner and mineral spirits look alike and are often used interchangeably during painting, they are not the same. They do not have the same toxicity, dangers, odors, and costs, for example. Mineral spirits is odorless, unlike paint thinner, and mineral spirits is far less toxic than paint thinner.

What is Mineral Spirits Toxicity?

Some mineral spirits have toxicity, but the ones that are odorless have no toxicity! All of the toxic volatile organic compounds and sulfur have been eliminated from the odorless mineral spirits. This makes mineral spirits ideal in homes where people worry about the health and safety of themselves, their children, and their pets.

Is Mineral Spirits Better than Paint Thinner?

The advantage that paint thinner has over mineral spirits is that paint thinner is considerably cheaper. This is because mineral spirits requires extra energy and processes for purification and refinement. The fact that mineral spirits is more labour-intensive accounts for its higher price, but it is worth the money if you want a quality solvent that is safe and odor-free for your home.

Also, although we are talking about how mineral spirits work with paint, it is important to note that mineral spirits are far more versatile as an all-around cleaner.

What is Mineral Spirits Used for?

What can mineral spirits clean? Mineral spirits is a powerful cleansing and degreasing agent that has a wide application of potential uses. For example, mineral spirits can be used on automobile parts, as the mineral spirits makes easy work out of tough oil and chemical grease. Fewer solutions can clean car parts as effectively as mineral spirits does! And this is just scratching the surface of what mineral spirits can be used for.

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What Is Mineral Spirits

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