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Glass Scratch Repair

Article provided by: Unscratch The Surface Inc.

Glass Scratch Repair

Unscratch the Surface is a professional grade service company that caters to homeowners and commercial businesses. Replacing a windshield or office windowpane because of a small crack isn’t economical or practical.

Our crew of professional glass restoration experts remains readily available to jump into action when you need a helping hand. Unscratch the Surface offers the leading glass scratch repair for yachts and cars. Residential and commercial glass restoration is more affordable than you may assume when you work with established industry leaders.

Five Reasons Unscratch the Surface is the Best Glass Restoration Consulting Team

Unscratch the Surface uses old tricks and new advanced technology to guarantee the best glass restoration products. Unlike other glass scratch repair and restoration companies, our staff comes equipped to handle any big or small project.

At Unscratch the Surface, our menu of service options continually expands and improves. Please keep checking back with us to see what new excitement we will unveil next!

  1. Environmentally Friendly – It isn’t uncommon for commercial glass polishing products to contain potentially dangerous ingredients. Unscratch the Surface is an ecologically conscious glass restoration and repair provider that plans to reduce its carbon footprint. As premier service providers, we set trends to encourage other companies to follow in our footsteps.
  2. Tempered Glass – Scratches in tempered glass aren’t a problem for our technicians at Unscratch the Surface. Dealing with tempered glass requires finesse and a gentle hand, which is what makes our technicians better than any others. With fifteen years of experience, we have worked with several glass types and scratches. Restoring tempered panels with deep cracks may seem impossible, but it isn’t anything we can’t handle at Unscratch the Surface.
  3. Resurfacing – Unscratch the Surface uses safe resurfacing techniques to even and smooth glass surfaces and panels. After our resurfacing services are complete, you won’t find swirls or hazy sections that distort the glass. Glass resurfacing and restoration for high-rise projects get completed on time without errors.
  4. Integrity – Unscratch the Surface strives to improve the integrity of our services, products, and the customer service experiences we provide. As industry strategies and techniques advance and evolve, you can depend on our staff to remain up to date with modernized knowledge. You’ll find our service technicians responsive, friendly, and respectful of you and your property.
  5. Hard Water Damage – Marine vessels tend to suffer the consequences of saltwater exposure that etches and scratches glass surfaces. Without causing damage, our technicians successfully remove hard water damage to create a brand new aesthetic. Saltwater etching also presents problems for businesses and homes that are located close to the ocean. Unscratch the Surface will show up for any resurfacing or scratch repair project without fail.

Mind-Boggling Flawless Glass Refinishing

Working with our experts at Unscratch the Surface guarantees you will receive mind-blowing glass finishing services that are flawless. Please contact 805-295-9020 to speak directly with a representative from Unscratch the Surface regarding service estimates and quotes. Prepare yourself to bid farewell to foggy or scratched glass once and for all! Let us blow your mind without blowing your budget!

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Glass Scratch Repair

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