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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the standard sizes of most residential garage doors?

Standard sizes start at 8′ wide and go to 20′ wide. Standard heights are 7′ and 8′ tall. Odd-heights and odd-widths are also available and vary by individual door series.

Can my garage door be painted?

Our residential and commercial garage doors can easily be painted in the color of your choosing, with 100-percent acrylic latex paint.

Can I replace a section of my door, or do I need to replace the whole door?

Depending upon the damage involved to the garage door system, replacing only a section of your garage door is possible in some cases.

What maintenance does my garage door require?

While our garage door systems are built for long-lasting performance and daily use, we still recommend inspecting your garage door annually.

I have a low ceiling in my garage. Will a garage door and opener work in this space?

Yes. A residential garage door requires a minimum of 4 1/2” of headroom space. Your garage door system may need a low-headroom track system or a low-headroom-torsion rear-track system. For a garage door opener, you will need slightly more headroom (about 6 1/2” minimum).

What garage door best complements my home’s architecture?

This is a common question when it comes to choosing a garage door. We offer many designs, with a number of options to further customize your garage door.

What is the difference between the Screw, Belt and Chain drive garage door openers?

  • Screw Drive — powerful, fast and quiet. Maximum power for heavy doors.
  • Belt Drive — quiet and smooth performance. Ideal for garages adjacent to living areas.
  • Chain Drive — rugged and reliable. Suitable for most garage doors.

How can I get a new remote control for my opener?

We offer a broad range of opener accessories from remote controls to wireless keypads. You will first need to determine if your opener is a newer model or an older model. Regardless of which type you have, we have solutions for you.