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Electric Gate Motors Princeton

Electric Gate Motors Princeton

The door automation of your home or business is a wise decision. An automated system provides greater security for the property and the users since they can enter and leave comfortably and safely. To make a successful installation, it is essential to choose the ideal gate openers.

Selecting the right engine ensures the system’s durability, providing your comfort, and protecting your investment. Besides, the right motor minimizes electric gate motor problems, frequent maintenance, and unnecessary repair costs. Therefore, you must consider specific aspects when buying the perfect electric gate motors in Princeton.

How to Choose the Ideal Electric Gate Motor?

Gate Type

First of all, keep in mind the type of door you want to install. For example, a sliding door requires a motor from worm gear systems, such as Lift Master’s HDSL24UL variable speed slide gate opener. The motor is installed at the bottom of the door, and the system is moved with a rack. In case the doors are swing ones, the motor must have an arm that opens and closes the doors sideways, like the RSW12UL residential/light commercial swing gate operator, also from Lift Master. Whether it is a sliding, swing, or rollup door, you must select the appropriate alternative.


Another significant aspect is how much the doors weigh that will move the motor. There is a diversity of manufacturing materials, including aluminum, iron, wood, steel, and even fibers. Each of these systems has different weights, and you should select an engine that does not work by force. If your system is cumbersome, you will require a high impact motor such as the Eagle-1 Slide Gate Operator, which can handle weights up to 3K Lb.


When selecting automatic gate openers, you must also consider the number of cycles (a cycle is open and close of the door) that the motor must handle daily. Keep in mind that the number of times you open your home gate is significantly less than a commercial place. For high-traffic locations, you may prefer heavy-duty options, such as Lift Master’s CSL24UL high-traffic commercial slide gate operator.


Finally, you must select an engine to add the different systems that suit your needs. Alert beacons, photocells, telephones, video cameras, WiFi, and advanced logistics systems are some of the many add-ons you can install on an access system. The engine you choose must support the technology you want to add.

Trust Osborne Overhead Door

You must select an elite supplier to purchase and install your door motor, such as Osborne Overhead Door, the top electric gate repair and installation in Princeton. Our company doesn’t just sell motors. We are a specialized team of professionals ready to help you achieve the ideal access solution for your property. If you request our assistance, we will first visit the site where the system will be installed to do the analysis that will allow us to define the conditions in which the engine will work.

Also, our team will take into account your requirements and needs. Thus, according to the conditions, your needs, and your budget, we will suggest the best alternatives. Once we reach an agreement with you, our technical team will install and test your new engine with the best practices and the region’s best quality. Contact us for the best residential/commercial garage doors, overhead doors, and door openers.

Electric Gate Motors Princeton

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Electric Gate Motors Princeton

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